Windscreen Protection

Windscreen Protection

Have a ClearScreen for up to 2 years!

Paintseals ClearScreen utilises new windscreen technology to provide an
optically clear, non-stick hydrophobic coating for unbeatable visibility in all conditions.

Unprotected Windscreen

Protected Windscreen CLearScreen

Professionally applied to your vehicle’s windscreen (anywhere with a wiper blade), it will dramatically improve both day and night visibility while driving in rain, sleet, snow, even in the worst of conditions.

ClearScreen Treated

A Revolutionary treatment system, Paintseals ClearScreen is ideal for car windscreens, motorhome windscreens, building glass, cockpit glass, side windows and solar panels


✔ Better Visibility, Improve braking distance with a ClearScreen

✔ Excellent bug protection, easily removed and no smear

✔ Frost resistant, easily removed from your windscreen

✔ Water repellent, hydrophobic simply allows rain/water to bead straight off

✔ Easy maintenance


Beading instead of pooling, it beads which enhances your vision whilst driving, giving it a ClearScreen

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